Keyword Guide

Keyword Guide Sheet Name :- Keyword Guide (Last Updated 10-11-2019)
This guide is to help you understand what kind of keywords will help you track events in the stock market. For ease, we have categorized the keywords into various categories so users can easily discern their topics of interest and use appropriate keywords.
Keyword Explanation
Informational Announcements
Press release Covers any press releases, media statements, conference call transcripts and investor presentations issued by companies to the stock exchanges. Very helpful for tracking new developments across all companies on the exchanges.
Media release
Annual report Covers any intimation to the stock exchange submitting the annual report for the previous financial year.
Corporate Events – Financial and Fund Raising
Regulation 30 (LODR)-Credit Rating Useful to track upgrade and downgrade of credit ratings.
Financial result Useful to track financial results on real time basis.
Rights issue Useful to track capital raising via rights issues
Preferential Useful to track capital raising via preferential issue of shares
Warrant Useful to track allotment and conversion of warrants by promoters
Qualified Institutional Placement Useful to track capital raising via QIP.
Regulation 30 (LODR)-Acquisition Useful to track acquisitions, joint ventures, investments being made by companies.
Corporate Events – Special Situations
Delisting Useful to track delisting proposals or updates relating thereto.
Buyback Useful to track buyback announcement or updates relating thereto.
Dividend Useful to track dividend plays, including board meetings to consider dividend.
Demerger Useful to catch and play demerger situations early.
Bonus Useful to track bonus announcements, which usually trigger a rally in the stock.
Split Useful to track splits in face value of shares, which usually trigger a rally in the stock.
Amalgamation Useful to catch and play demerger situations early.
Merger Useful to catch and play merger situations early.
NCLT Useful to track any events requiring NCLT approval.
Fundamental News
Fire Alerts on fire and like events in factories.
Lockout Alerts on labor strikes and like events in companies.
Strike Alerts on labor lockouts and like events in companies.
Disturbance Alerts on labor disturbance and like events in companies.
Order Alerts on winning orders from customers.
Contract Alerts on executing material contracts with customers.
Investment Alerts on incoming and outbound investments.
FDA Alerts in inspections by FDA (for pharma companies)
Famous Investors
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
Rekha Jhunjhunwala
Akash Bhanshali
Anil Kumar Goel
Ashish Kacholia
Nemish S Shah
Mukul Agrawal
Dilipkumar Lakhi
Mohnish Pabrai
Satpal Khattar
Vijay Kishanlal Kedia
Anuj Anantrai Sheth
Ashish Dhawan
Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani
Mukul Mahavir Prasad Agrawal
Lata Bhanshali
Suresh Kumar Agarwal
Seema Goel
Subramanian P
Keswani Haresh
Dolly Khanna
Hitesh Ramji Javeri
Hitesh Satishchandra Doshi
Vallabh Roopchand Bhanshali
Ashok Kumar Jain
Dipak Kanayalal Shah
Institutions (Private Equity, Mutual Funds, AMCs)
Europacific Growth Fund
Hdfc Trustee Company Limited
Government Of Singapore
Icici Bank Limited
Reliance Capital Trustee Co Ltd
Bank Of India
State Bank Of India
Sbi Mutual Fund
Birla Sun Life Trustee Company Private Limited
Icici Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd
Vanguard Fund
Hdfc Mutual Fund
Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund
Government Pension Fund Global
Icici Prudential Mutual Fund
Hdfc Equity Fund
General Insurance Corporation Of India
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund
Nalanda India Fund Limited
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
Amansa Holdings Private Limited
East Bridge Capital Master Fund Limited
Master Capital Services Ltd
India Capital Fund Limited
Axis Long Term Equity Fund
Elara India Opportunities Fund Limited
International Finance Corporation